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|[[Training Officer]]
|[[Training Officer]]
|Johnny McDowell
|Ailien Rhijnsburger and Luke Smallman
|'''''Section Reps:'''''
|'''''Section Reps:'''''

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The committee:       
Chairman Julien Grouteau
Treasurer Lars Hagenbuch
Secretary Luke Smallman
Training Officer Ailien Rhijnsburger and Luke Smallman
Section Reps:
White water kayaking Reps Emma Thomas and Paul Carter
Sea kayaking Reps Nick Jacobs and Ailien Rhijnsburger
Open canoeing Rep Dan Abel
Polo Rep David Buglar
Surf Rep Helen Isaac
Social Rep Matt Lambert
SBOAC Reps Ailien Rhijnsburger and Sean Foo
Other officals:
Equipment Officers Sea kayaks - Matthias Krause
Other boats - TBA (by default, contact the section rep)
Webmaster Ian Higgs
Duty Officer Everybody in rotation