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The Duty Officer is responsible for checking that everything is unlocked at the start of the evening and that kit is in the right places and everything is locked up at the end of the evening.

If you agree to be the Duty Officer, make sure this is recorded in the coaching rota.

The letters (in brackets) refer to labels on the basin site plan.

At the start of the evening

  • Arrive by 6:30pm or earlier if you can.
  • Get the keys from Roz (if nobody else has already got them). Roz lives in the right hand of the two houses on site (H). The sign at her door says "on duty".
  • Unlock the Club office (A).
  • Take the high visibility yellow "Duty Officer" vest out of the office and put it on - so that everybody knows who is the Duty Officer.
  • Unlock and open the doors to the paddle store (B) and the three boat cages (C, D, E).
  • Unlock and open the doors to the buoyancy aid room (F) and move the cag rack into the corridor.
  • On a busy evening, unlock and open the "Garage" paddle store (G).
  • Unlock the gate to the river (R).
  • Put up the whiteboard and make sure there are marker pens available.
  • Put out the river log folder on the whiteboard.

As people arrive

  • Greet and help any newcomers.
  • Help people find kit and remind them to put it back where they found it.
  • Remind people to sign up on the white board.
  • Ensure that all river paddlers complete the river log.

When everybody is on the water

Around 7pm

  • Put the whiteboard and the river log folder back in the office.
  • Close and lock the office, the paddle store and the three boat cages.
  • Close the buoyancy aid room - unless the sailing club need access to it.
  • Leave open the gate to the river.
  • Go and paddle yourself!

During the evening

  • Keep the high visibility vest on when on the water, so that everyone can easily see who has the keys if they need them! (Tie it through one of the grab handles if you prefer.)

At the end of paddling

Around 8:30pm

  • Unlock and open the cages and doors.
  • Check the buoyancy aid room to make sure everyone hangs up their buoyancy aid room in the correct way (zipped and clipped).
  • Make sure every group signed up on the whiteboard is back - and that all in that group are back (ask the leader of that group if necessary).
  • Stay around until everyone is out of the changing rooms.

At the end of the evening

  • Check the club paddle store - are all the spray decks actually ours and are all the paddles actually ours?
  • If it was opened, check the basin paddle store - are all the paddles actually theirs?
  • Check the buoyancy aid room again (all BAs are zipped and clipped, all cags are hung up). Put the cag rack back inside and lock the door.
  • Ensure that those open canoes that are kept on the water are tided up at their far end with the rope that is attached to the walkway so that they do not blow about in the wind. Make sure that they are all secured to the basin by their painter and that they are secured from theft by running the wire through each and securing the wire with the padlock.
  • Lock all of the cages, the river gate, the basin paddle store, our paddle store, our office and the buoyancy aid room.
  • Post the keys back through Roz's letterbox.
  • Go to the pub and collect the drink that somebody will have bought for you.


  • The Duty officer should have also have a mobile phone with them in case of a medical emergency.
  • Being the Duty Officer does reduce the time that you can be on the water, so make sure you are not coaching that night, and that you plan an easy evening on the basin.
  • The duty officer must arrive early, have a shorter paddle and stay until all kit is returned. If people prefer, then they can share the duties with a mate. It does not matter as long as the duties are carried out.