Equipment booking

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Process for booking club and basin boats and other equipment.

No equipment should be taken away from the site without a prior booking. This is so that:

  • Basin staff understand who will be on the site and who is entitled to take away equipment
  • We always know where boats will be and who is in charge of them
  • We are able to mediate between different groups wanting to use the same equipment at the same time
  • Note that this applies to club equipment, basin equipment and personal equipment that is normally stored on the site.

Booking are made by posting in the Equipment booking forum

Booking should state:

  • What equipment will be taken
    • Please use the official Ident numbers when referring to club boats
  • Who will be taking the equipment
  • When the equipment will be taken (date and time access is wanted)
  • Where the equipment will be taken
  • When the equipment will be returned (date and time access is wanted)
  • If basin keys are required or you have your own

Access to equipment

As our equipment is stored at the basin there are agreed access times and key holders; details of access times can be found in the Members Handbook