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The THCC web site has two main parts: the forum and the wiki.

THCC wiki

This holds the pages that make up the web site.

All wiki pages are visible to everyone, but THCC club members may also edit the pages. Being a wiki means that all page changes are recorded. You can see the page history - showing who made the change and what they changed. It is also possible to undo a page change, so you need never worry that you might damage a page.

THCC forum

While the wiki is designed to offer pages of information, the forum allows discussions. The public part of the forum is visible to everyone and everyone who signs up for a forum account may post topics and replies.

A further part of the forum is private to THCC club members and you need to be a club members to post topics and replies there.

Forum accounts

Start by registering onto the forum. You will be asked for some basic information and a valid e-mail address. If you had an account on the old web site, please choose the same account name. (If your old account name had spaces, then you will have to do without them for the new web site. Sorry.)

The system will then send you an e-mail. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to have your account confirmed.

At this point your account name will be displayed in green and the system will let you post in the public forums.

Shortly afterwards, an overworked webmaster will see the new account and check that you are a THCC club member. If all is well, your account will be changed to THCC member and display in blue. You should then see and be able to post in the private forums.

Wiki accounts

The overworked webmaster is planning to improve things, but for now you have to log in to the wiki as well. The account is the same for the forum and the wiki and so is the password. If you don't, then you can still see all of the wiki pages, but if you do log in you can edit the pages too.