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If you are preparing for a trip please ensure that you follow the Club’s rules regarding trips. Please also be aware that as trip organiser, you are responsible for providing adequate safety equipment for the trip.

Please also note that SBOAC is not a port of call for organising trips; contact with SBOAC should be via the Equipment Officer. Members are reminded that there is a charge of £2.50 per day for the hire of Club equipment.

A quick guide to organizing a trip

  • Gauge level of interest and set date
  • Complete day form by Wednesday (for the weekend)
  • Complete kit form including access request times by Wednesday (for the weekend) (otherwise you may not get access)
  • Arrange transport
  • Return equipment and put away correctly
  • Report any damage to the Equipment Officer or SBOAC
  • Note section in Financials for trip cost management.

Please note that if equipment is already booked or in use you will be notified and may have cancel your plans.

Long Trip Organisation 2005

  • Contact Committee to confirm if equipment will be available for the date of the trip. Check web calendar, to ensure no other trips are planned for the same time.
  • Put trip to members and complete THCC trip information form and submit. A copy will be posted on the website
  • 10 days prior to the trip, hand in a completed equipment loan form to the Equipment Officer detailing kit you plan to take (in detail i.e. boats, paddles, buoyancy aids, cags, (sizes), decks, helmets, safety equipment).
  • Include requested pick up times, NB between 9am and 10 pm. (please note you cannot remove SBOAC kit during the week)
  • When returning kit please ensure that it is put away correctly. Any damage to kit should be reported to the equipment officer or SBOAC.

If trips were longer than a weekend members would be expected to supply their own buoyancy aids, spray decks and cags.

Failure to comply with the above process may mean that equipment may not be provided for the trip, and as a result the trip being cancelled.

Picking up Kit – Please see Equipment below