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! THCC-SK-19
! THCC-SK-19
| Madera || boat 1 || (details TBC) || Aug-2014
| Tiderace || Vortex || Blue || Aug-2014
! THCC-SK-20
! THCC-SK-20
| Madera || boat 2 || (details TBC) || Aug-2014
| Tiderace || Vortex || Green || Aug-2014

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The sea kayaks available to the club.

THCC sea kayaks

The plan is that all club sea kayaks should have a green tag attached to the back of the boat.

When this has been done, please put boats onto the racks bow first so that
  • the skegs are not pushed across the rack
  • the tags are visible on the outside end
Ident Make Model Colour Bought
THCC-SK-01 Pyranha Pilot Orange 18-Jul-2003
THCC-SK-02 Pyranha Pilot Orange 18-Jul-2003
THCC-SK-03 Pyranha Pilot Green 11-Sep-2004
THCC-SK-04 Valley Avocet Red 28-May-2005
THCC-SK-05 Valley Aquanaut Purple 28-May-2005
THCC-SK-06 Perception Carolina Blue 29-Nov-2005
THCC-SK-07 Wilderness Systems Tempest Blue 25-Nov-2006
THCC-SK-08 Valley Avocet Orange 25-Nov-2006
THCC-SK-09 Pyranha Orca Light blue 17-Mar-2007
THCC-SK-10 Valley Nordkapp Red 17-Mar-2007
THCC-SK-11 Valley Aquanaut club Yellow 17-Mar-2007
THCC-SK-12 Rainbow Laser Red 14-Jul-2008
THCC-SK-13 Rainbow Laser Yellow 24-Sep-2008
THCC-SK-14 Rainbow Laser Green 24-Sep-2008
THCC-SK-15 Rainbow Laser Blue 24-Sep-2008
THCC-SK-16 Rainbow Laser Grey/White 24-Sep-2008
THCC-SK-17 Valley Avocet Yellow 16-Oct-2008
THCC-SK-18 Valley Aquanaut Yellow 16-Oct-2008
THCC-SK-19 Tiderace Vortex Blue Aug-2014
THCC-SK-20 Tiderace Vortex Green Aug-2014

Shadwell Basin sea kayaks

Shadwell Basin own four Nigel Dennis fibreglass sea kayaks - 3 Explorers and a Romany. Members of the club can use these fibreglass boats if they have done the club's 'Intro to sea kayaking' course (or the fast-track course), AND you have acquired your new 3 star Sea.

If you are qualified, you can use these on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

If you would like to use them on a club trip, you should not book them until you have approval from the Basin. This is to make sure that the Basin doesn't need them themselves. Approval can be arranged through the Equipment Officers. As for all kit bookings, both booking and approval need to be arranged by the end of the Wednesday before your trip.