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== More ==
== More ==
*[[Who We Are|Current committee members and Reps]]
* [[Committee|Current committee members]]

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The Webmaster is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the web site.

The Webmaster needs to ensure the following:

  • The club web site (wiki and forum) is functioning correctly
  • Requests for forum accounts from club members are accepted as quickly as possible
  • Requests for forum accounts from spammers are rejected as quickly as possible
  • Forum accounts are correctly permissioned as "THCC Members", "Friends of THCC" etc.
  • E-mails to the Webmaster account are acted on as quickly as possible
  • Manage the web site DNS entries and ensure they are paid up to date
  • Manage the web site hosting account and ensure it is paid up to date
  • Manage the various e-mail accounts hosted via the web site

Anyone discovering problems with the web site should report this directly to the Webmaster via:

webmaster AT towerhamletscanoeclub DOT co DOT uk