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(New page to help people know what they can contribute to the club - presently as a DRAFT)
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This is a work in progress'

As I am sure everyone knows this is a members club and only remains in existence whilst ALL of its members contribute their time to make happy things happen. Happy things are Tuesday nights, trips, talks etc.

As many people contribute a lot of time behind the scenes to do things such as mending boats and organisation we can't afford to become somewhere that people join for £100 and then use as a boat hire centre. If you are simply looking for somewhere to take boats from then this is probably not the club for you.

EVERYONE needs to put in something more than their £100 membership a year. Think Transvision Vamp and I don't want your money honey... I want your TIME!! (Lars the treasurer will no doubt disagree about the money statement there).

We realise that for new members this can be daunting. Many want to be more involved but do not know how to and whilst we try to do a bit of an explanation on week 4 everything is still a bit new and exciting. Therefore we are trying to compile a little list of things we expect as routine tidying up after yourself, cos your mom doesn't paddle here, and the other stuff we need help with. This will be organic and will change over time.

Tuesday every week stuff

Zip and clip your BA and put all of your kit back where you found it - this keeps the basin happy as its their kit and they like it ready to use the next day

Every Tuesday we need someone to play DUTY OFFICER. This is such an important role it even has a reflective vest. Your job will be to unlock everything and make sure everyone has put everything away at the end of the night (You can even yell at people when they misbehave. More information on this can be found here:

The Other Stuff

Organise a trip - All of your coaches here have day jobs and we can't spend that much of the day job time arranging trips. There is a pade that gives some handy hints here:

Help with the BBQ. This would be a fab way to get to know everyone as they will all be clamouring for your attention (and a burger). Unfortunately its the same candidates who stick around and clear up at the end every time. Offers of help are not usually refused.

Follow the rules and be kind to things. Many of the rules have been negotiated with SBOAC and are in line with their H & S policy and help to protect their equipment from damage. Seal launching wears away the wooden edges of the pontoon, a crane then has to raise the pontoon to replace them. At the moment there is no money for a crane so they simply can't afford for us to wear away the wood.

Repair days. None of us are experts in repairing boats and most have had no training and learnt via trial and error. We don't expect you to start with plastic welding but come along and take part and see what you can learn. If people do not take part in these days the boats don't get fixed and we then end up with nothing to paddle - boooooo

Understanding and Responsibility. Please don't be too demanding on your coaches and people who do organise things for you. Remember its up to you to get yourself and your kit to where you need to be.

Realisation. Not everything comes within the £100 a year. Sometimes we need to get in coaching cover that needs to be paid for and the cost split between the group. This is so we comply with Health and Safety Rules. A lot of the more experienced club members will have spent a lot of money and time in building up kit, whether this is roofracks to get boats to places or safety kit such as ropes and slings. You usually won't see but in the back of the group leaders boats there will be spare split paddles, first aid kits, a few warm layers, a group shelter..... No wonder they look like they will sink any minute! Don't be suprised if occasionally you need to make a bit of a capital outlay on things such as roofracks to transport boats if you are going to take up an area of the sport that involves taking boats away from the basin. A lot of boating kit is pricey and as a club we can't afford to cover it all (or not at £100 a year anyway.

Thank you to everyone who continues to give so much of their time and energy to making our club the best in London and for those of you who are going to do so much over the next few years.