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What happens on a Tuesday evening?
Typically, we will have training groups working on the BCU Discover and BCU Explore awards on Shadwell Basin, a group or two out for a paddle on the Thames (to Greenwich or Waterloo, depending on tides) and a polo session. In addition there will sometime open boat sessions and sessions focussing on specific skills such as rolling or rescues.
What time should I arrive on a Tuesday?
We plan to be on the water at 7:00 p.m. - at which time equipment is locked away. We recommend you arrive at 6:30 p.m. to give yourself time to change, select equipment and join a coaching group.


Do you offer private courses?
No. Our coaches are volunteer club members who give their time on a Tuesday night for the simple fun of meeting new people and passing on their love of paddling. If you need something more specific have a look at the list of commercial coaches on our links page.
Do you offer courses for groups?
No. We have a high demand for our course for beginners and it would be unfair to allow block booking.
I have paddled before do I need to do the beginners' course?
Our beginners' course will get you to the BCU Discover level. If you already have higher level BCU or overseas awards or have paddled to a higher level than this then there is no need to do the beginners' course. If you paddled a few times in school or did the BCU One Star award years ago then it is probably worth doing the course.
I want to book a course but the date is not open yet. Can I reserve it with you in advance?
No. Please wait until the course you want is available. The booking page gives an indication of when this will be.

Club Facilities

What kit do you provide?
We have boats of a variety of different types, paddles, buoyancy aids, spray decks and waterproof paddling tops ('cags'). We aim to provide basic to intermediate level kit so that members can try most aspects of paddlesport with the club kit, but as they get more specialised we encourage them to buy their own.
Can I store my boat at the club?
We have limited boat storage and we prioritise the space for club boats. There is some space for active members' boats and these are offered at the discretion of the committee to active members at a rate of £100 p.a. Speak to a member of the committee if you would like to be added to the waiting list for storage space.

River Thames

Can I paddle on the River Thames?
Club members with the BCU Sea Kayak Award, or an equivalent qualification, can paddle on the Thames in a group of no less than three. If you have done your BCU Explore award in the club, there will be opportunities to go out on the Thames buddied up with a qualified paddler.
Do you have information about possible put-ins, get-outs, landing spots etc on the Thames Tideway?
Yes. One of our members has put together a guide to the Tideway (and other coastal locations in the area) and this is available on our sea access page.
Where can I find future tidal predictions for the Thames Tideway?
The Port of London Authority publishes tide data up to a year in advance on the leisure section of their web site.