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! THCC-WW-37
! THCC-WW-37
| Wavesport || D75 || Orange/yellow || 20-Apr-2016  
| Perception || Wavesport D75 || Orange/yellow || 20-Apr-2016  
! THCC-WW-38
! THCC-WW-38
| Wavesport || D65 || Margarita || 20-Apr-2016  
| Perception || Wavesport D65 || Margarita || 20-Apr-2016  

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The river kayaks available to the club.

THCC river kayaks

The plan is that all club kayaks should have a green tag attached to the back of the boat.

When this has been done, please try to put boats onto the racks bow first so that the tags are visible on the outside end.

General Purpose

Ident Make Model Colour Bought
THCC-GP-01 Eskimo Topolino Blue 11-May-2005
THCC-GP-02 Dagger Redline Blue 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-03 Dagger Redline Blue 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-04 Dagger Redline Blue 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-05 Dagger Redline Blue 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-06 Dagger Redline Blue 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-07 Dagger Infrared Red 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-08 Dagger Infrared Red 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-09 Dagger Infrared Red 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-10 Dagger Infrared Red 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-11 Dagger Infrared Red 26-Nov-2005
THCC-GP-12 Eskimo Topo Duo Red/Orange 29-Feb-2008

River Racing

Ident Make Model Colour Bought
THCC-RV-01 Mirage K2 racer 04-Apr-2006
THCC-RV-02 Stiletto K2 racer 05-Jan-2008

White Water

Ident Make Model Colour Bought
THCC-WW-02 Dagger RPM Orange 14-Oct-2000
THCC-WW-05 Perception Whipit Orange 14-Oct-2000
THCC-WW-07 Pyranha Inazone 240 Blue 26-Aug-2002
THCC-WW-09 Dagger RPM Purple/Blue 10-Jul-2004
THCC-WW-10 Dagger RPM Yellow 20-Nov-2004
THCC-WW-11 Perception Full Tilt Red/Orange 01-May-2005
THCC-WW-14 Liquidlogic Hoss Yellow 26-Sep-2006
THCC-WW-15 Dagger GTX 25-Nov-2006
THCC-WW-16 Liquidlogic Vision 56 23-Oct-2007
THCC-WW-17 Dagger Mamba Orange 23-Oct-2007
THCC-WW-18 Prijon Cross 25-Feb-2008
THCC-WW-19 Pyranha Burn Red 25-Feb-2008 ** NOT FOR USE **
THCC-WW-20 Pyranha 420 Blue 01-Sep-2008
THCC-WW-21 Liquidlogic Jefe Grande 13-Oct-2008
THCC-WW-22 Liquidlogic Vision 44 13-Oct-2008
THCC-WW-23 Liquidlogic Remix 05-May-2009
THCC-WW-26 Pyranha Ammo Yellow 01-Jan-2011
THCC-WW-29 Perception Wavesport D65 4-Oct-2011
THCC-WW-30 Perception Wavesport D65 4-Oct-2011
THCC-WW-31 Perception Wavesport D75 4-Oct-2011
THCC-WW-32 Dagger MX 7.5 (small) 29-Nov-2012
THCC-WW-33 Dagger MX 8.0 (medium) 29-Nov-2012
THCC-WW-34 Dagger MX 8.5 (large) 29-Nov-2012
THCC-WW-35 Dagger MX 7.5 (small) 01-Aug-2014
THCC-WW-36 Dagger MX 8.0 (medium) 01-Aug-2014
THCC-WW-37 Perception Wavesport D75 Orange/yellow 20-Apr-2016
THCC-WW-38 Perception Wavesport D65 Margarita 20-Apr-2016

Boats now sold

Ident Make Model Colour Bought Sold
THCC-SU-01 Mega Maverick 05-Jul-2007 12-Aug-2011
THCC-SU-02 Mega X-Ray 05-Jul-2007 12-Aug-2011
THCC-WW-01 Pyranha Blade 01-Oct-2000 12-Aug-2011
THCC-WW-03 Pyranha Inazone 230 14-Oct-2000 12-Aug-2011
THCC-WW-04 Pyranha Attack 14-Oct-2000 12-Aug-2011
THCC-WW-06 Pyranha Creek 280 16-Jul-2002 12-Aug-2011
THCC-WW-08 Pyranha Wavesport 21-Oct-2003 12-Aug-2011
THCC-WW-27 Dragorossi Squashtail 31-Mar-2011 31-Aug-2011
THCC-WW-12 Riot Air 55 10-Feb-2006 20-Apr-2016
THCC-WW-24 Liquidlogic Lil Joe Blue 22-Jun-2009 20-Apr-2016
THCC-WW-25 Liquidlogic Lil Joe Orange 30-Nov-2009 20-Apr-2016
THCC-WW-28 Pyranha Burn medium Blue 03-Apr-2011 20-Apr-2016
THCC-WW-13 Pyranha S6-200 10-Feb-2006 20-Apr-2016

Shadwell Basin river kayaks

Shadwell Basin own a wide range of river kayaks which we can use on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

It is generally not necessary to use them on club trips.

Inside the top large cage they're identified by SBOAC markings inside the cockpit, most have a blue gaffa tape square on the rear of the boat.