Sussex Coast Sea Trip - 24 June 2012

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With F5-6 winds forecast, it seemed like the perfect day to set out to the south coast for a spot of gentle sea paddling!

Those more experienced of you, and probably everyone else will have spotted a slight divide between our keenness to be on the sea vs. all out at sea (without a paddle, boat and dignity). Luckily we had a wise leader and coach with a plan B and we found some oxbow lakes to experiment with 'paddling a sea kayak in less than ideal conditions'. Even the waves in the oxbows were tough, but we ploughed on - and in and out of the boat trying to get back in, drawing a comment from a passing 10 year old of "why do you lot keep falling in?" By the end we were feeling confident in our knowledge of what we didn't know, and raring to take the opportunity of (placid, calm, sheltered) conditions at the basin to work on some minor holes in our experience!

Thanks to Liz, Terry and Julian for their coaching and patience, and everyone for making it such a fun day.