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If you are an experienced paddler (at least 2*/Explore level), you can come along for a taster session to see if you like the club. Taster sessions are held once a month and cost £15 (+ booking fee). The session includes an assessment of your personal paddling skills.

You will be asked to demonstrate that you can competently do the following in your chosen craft:

  • Maintain a straight course
  • Execute turns
  • Manoeuvre sideways
  • Paddle backwards
  • Come to an abrupt stop
  • Perform a wet exit from your chosen craft
  • Perform a wet exit from a closed-cockpit kayak while wearing a spray deck (if different to your chosen craft)

If you have any formal awards / qualifications, we may ask for evidence of your certification. If you decide to join the club, you will be required to link your British Canoeing profile with THCC.

If you pass the assessment successfully, you may be able to join some of the other activities taking place that evening or continue to paddle with the Instructor for the remainder of the session. You will also be invited to join the Club. Otherwise, the Instructor will discuss further development opportunities available to you through our Beginners’ Induction programme.

Most taster sessions will also include a BBQ, where you can meet other members and learn more about the Club. Alternatively, you can join us upstairs at the Prospect of Whitby after the Tuesday night paddling sessions.

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