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The BCU Two Star is an improvement award that helps paddlers develop fundamental paddlesport skills on flat water. The emphasis is on gaining a breadth of experience, creating the desired movement of the boat and developing an understanding into how the paddle, boat and water interact.

Outline of the syllabus

(For the full text, see the PDF file on the BCU web site.)

  1. Personal Paddling Skills
    1. Lift, carry and launch the kayak or canoe
    2. Efficient forward paddling
    3. Steering the kayak or canoe
    4. Manoeuvre in a confined space
    5. Moving sideways
    6. Preventing a capsize
    7. Turning
    8. Returning to the bank and getting out
    9. Securing
  2. Safety and Rescue
    1. Capsize, swim and self rescue
    2. Peer rescue
  3. Safety, Leadership and group skills
    1. Personal risk management
    2. Awareness of others
    3. An assessed accompanied sheltered water journey
  4. Theory
    1. Equipment
    2. Safety
    3. Hypothermia and First aid
    4. Access
    5. Environment
    6. Planning