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The club owns a wide range of equipment and also has access to equipment that belongs to Shadwell Basin.

We have around 50 assorted boats, including general river boats, play boats, sea kayaks and also some specialised boats such as two-person racing kayaks, polo boats, surf boats and a two-person Topo.

When we paddle on the basin, we have access to about 40 Shadwell Basin boats suitable for learning, open boats and also further sea kayaks. We have a stock of assorted paddles to match our boats and on a busy night can also use the Shadwell Basin's paddles.

We have equipment for canoe polo, assorted equipment for club trips and even a portable barbecue.

We have a few spray decks and buoyancy aids and access to more that belong to Shadwell Basin.

The club does not provide thermals, wetsuits or shoes, so people paddling in the colder months are advised to buy some basic kit of their own.