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The club is located at Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre at Shadwell Pierhead.

Tower Hamlets Canoe Club
3-4 Shadwell Pierhead
Glamis Road

The gate to Shadwell Pierhead is in Glamis Road - just north of the old lift bridge.

On the DLR, the nearest station is Shadwell.

On the London Overground Line, Shadwell and Wapping are both near.

Directions from the two Shadwell stations

From the south exit of Shadwell station on the London Overground Line, turn left along Cable Street.

From Shadwell station on the DLR, turn left and walk south down Watney Street - between all the shops. Fairly quickly turn left again and head east along Cable Street.

Cross over Cable Street before the next junction and take the first right down King David Lane. At the highway, turn left. Cross at the traffic lights and head south down Glamis Road. After the tennis courts, Shadwell Pierhead is on the left - just before the bridge.

About 0.7km.

Directions from Wapping Station

Turn right out of the station along Wapping High Street. Follow the road as it bends left by the gates of New Crane Wharf and becomes Garnet Road. Turn right by the estate agent into Wapping Wall. Continue past the Prospect of Whitby as the road bends left and becomes Glamis Road. Shadwell Pierhead is on the right - just after the bridge.

About 0.6km

Directions by bus

The 100 bus and the D3 bus both stop in Glamis Road - although not at the same stop.

Directions by car

The Highway runs between the Tower of London and Limehouse. Glamis Road is a turn south off The Highway.

It is possible to park on Glamis Road after 17:30. There are a few parking bays on the northbound side in the section north of the bridge and south of the Highway and on the southbound side in the section south of the bridge and north of the Prospect of Whitby.

There is not much room in either place, so do not leave it too late. Parking is not available within the Shadwell Pierhead site.