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== More ==
== More ==
*[[Who We Are]] - for current committee members and Reps.
*[[Who We Are|Current committee members and Reps]]

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The Training Officer manages the regular coaching at the club.

The Training Officer needs to ensure the following:

  • Coaching qualifications are correctly recorded by the club
  • Coaching qualifications displayed in individual forum profiles are up to date
  • Every Tuesday - a named Level 2 coach is present on the basin
  • Most Tuesdays - a coach has agreed in advance to teach the course for beginners
  • On the fourth Tuesday of each month - a Level 2 coach has agreed in advance to assess the BCU One Star for those attending the course
  • The above details are recorded in the Coaching rota

The Training Officer also acts as the Coaching Rep to co-ordinate communication between the committee and the club coaches.