Big Club Trip to Devon - 19-21 October 2012

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Best moment for me, 10 people running the Upper Dart, 7 of whom have never run it before. Hearing silence in response to my question standing above Euthanasia:

"Right guys, you've seen Steve run it, so who's not running it then?"

then each member of the group proceeding to run it with little hesitation. Great to see people pushing their grade on Saturday on one of the best runs in the area!


I will always remember the 2012 BCT as the last outing for our beloved Vauxhall Astra estate. It died on the M1/A1 slip road on Sunday evening. It was a lovely send off, though. The blue flashing lights of 3 police cars made up its farewell cavalcade.

Best memory - watching our group come down their first proper rapid on the Lower Dart and everyone staying upright and smiling.


My favourite memory might be hesitating and missing a drop, sliding do the chicken shoot backwards, then being told to park up and do it again...and almost going down the chicken shoot a second time.



Paddling with people new to whitewater is always pretty special - sharing that time when a door is opened to a whole new universe of fun, but for me the photo kindly posted by Ian above says it all. Team Xtreme should be very very proud of themselves.


Best moment for me was running the three falls at the bottom of the upper Dart with less difficulty than the dog which had kindly shown us the right line to take.



my body aches. I'm seeing that as a good thing.


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