Canoe skills development, River Wye - 30-31 August 2014

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Sarah, Dan, Fiona, Richard, Lucy, Sarah & Shep headed to Whitney-on-Wye in Herefordshire (English side of border). Staying in at the Boat Inn (B&B, camping and pub) for 2 nights. We hired 6 boats from Celtic Canoes who dropped us off Saturday morning in Glasbury (Welsh side of the border) and we paddled back down the Wye to the campsite.

After a feed and a very disturbed night from other revellers and attempts at using Dan's head & tent as a trampoline, we paddled on down to Byford where the boat were collected and we were dropped back at the campsite.

Weather was really hot and sunny on the second day, and over the whole weekend we got to practice canoeing in moving water: ferry gliding, breaking in and out, a few small rapids & weir drop, lining back up to do it again. We even got to pole for a stretch, some gunnel bobbing, and managing trim for padding into the wind.

We ran out time to do the drop at Mornington Falls (just below the last take out), but there is already a plan to go back and do it again..... and stay somewhere else!

Lots learned and some rays gained! thanks all - great company.

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