Christmas paddle - 13 December 2011

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It is a club tradition that ... On a Tuesday in December, when the tide is right, as many THCC members as possible take a boat and paddle along the north shore of the Thames. Christmassy songs are sung and mince pies are eaten.

This year the best tide was on the 13th of December, so on that day we gathered pretty much every kayak that the club has down to the beach, formed into groups and set off, paddling under Tower Bridge to reach a beach just on the other side.

After chat, a relax, mulled wine, mince pies and a few carols and songs (including one requested by the heckling Tower of London Beefeater) we were ready to get back into our boats and head back to the Basin, to pack the waterproof Christmas lights away for another year.

Thanks go out to all the people involved in the arranging of the paddle, the shopping of comestibles and heating of the drinks, Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre coaches coming along to support us and allowing us to get everyone on the water and the PLA for allowing it to happen.


20111213-group-Michal.jpg 20111213-group-Dan.jpg

medium|thumb|Some of our wonderful volunteer coaches and help from SBOAC</flickr> medium|thumb|Some of our 1 Star paddlers on the beach</flickr>


How this works

  • 1 star paddlers - you are taken out by Level Three coaches, the number we can take depends on how many coaches want to come. We run a first come waiting list and will confirm numbers closer to the date.
  • 2 star paddlers - you guys are welcome and need to be buddied with a three star paddler. You will get matched up and numbers will be restricted by the number of 3 star buddies we have.
  • 3 star and above paddlers - you guys can look after yourself, but we would love you to offer to be buddies to our 2 stars, so that they get to come as well. Please confirm that you are happy to buddy if you are.
  • L2 coaches, 4 star sea paddlers & other experienced paddlers - we would love to use you guys to lead groups and support the L3 coaches. Please let us know if you are willing to do that.


Will there be any other coaching happening on that day?
No, there will not be any coaches or any planned L2 cover on the basin.
Can I book a boat?
Boats are first come first served as on any Tuesday night. You will only get annoyed on the evening if you try to book one.
How do we get the mulled wine there?
People will be asked to bring their flasks in the week before so we can have them ready.
Do I need a head torch and other lights?
Everyone will need a head-torch for the paddle - if you attend without one you may not be allowed on the water as we need to make ourselves seen on the Thames. All round white lights will also need to be distributed amongst the groups. Please bring one if you have one.