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Uploading images to the Wiki is the same as uploading any other file.

The toolbox in the bottom left corner of any Wiki page includes a link: "Upload file".

Clicking this link takes you to a form.

The form states

  • the current Maximum file size accepted for uploads
  • the currently Permitted file types.
If these limitations are a problem, please contact the Webmaster.

The form then asks for three pieces of information:

  • Source filename:
    This is the full path and file name to the image on your computer.
    Rather than typing this yourself, use the "Browse" button to find the file.
  • Destination filename:
    This is the name to be given to the file by the Wiki.
    Remember that the name needs to be unique.
    The Wiki may have only one file called this, so choose a name that is quite specific.
    Names may be quite long.
  • Summary:
    Some information about the image. You can put anything here.
    For photos, the obvious thing to put would be when and where the photo was taken.

The form also asks:

  • Watch this page
    In other words; do you want this image added to your watch list?
  • Ignore any warnings
    I have no idea what this is about