Lee Valley, 2 Star Kayaking Trip, 17th October 2009

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If you go kayaking in the Lee Valley and a strange man says 'if I jump in the river will you marry me?' don't do as I did and say yes. He will start taking his clothes off and you will see more than you wanted. That said it didn't put our group off our first 2 Star paddling trip. Well, not much. True commitment to the cause.

Our excursion was with Lee Valley Canoe and Cycle Centre (www.lvcc.biz) and is a great first trip to get towards your 2 Star qualification. You can get there from Liverpool Street and arrive at Tottenham Hale which is walking distance from the centre. You can hire kayaks, cags, spray decks and buoyancy aids for a bargain £20 per person for 4 hrs use. Also the centre's cafe serves top bacon and chip buttys which can cure any hangover. Not that we would ever advocate mixing alcohol with water (everyone knows alcohol should be drunk neat). You also get the novelty of paddling in a forwards direction for longer than 200m in one go....freaky!

Here's a map of our trip

Any ideas for further trips welcome.