Nene White Water Course - 22 July 2012

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Nene Whitewater Centre Sunday 22nd July 2012-07-22

Dan, Vicky, Esther and Andy paddled the Nene WWC on Sunday afternoon. Open from 2:30 to 6:30 on Sundays we departed North London at 1:00 and got there just after 2:30. It's £12 per person for as long as you like on the water. After signing forms saying we were competent to paddle grade 2-3 water unsupervised, and a walked inspection of the course, we were on the water by around 3:30.

The course is a right hand curve, with a 3 foot drop separating a short outward upper stretch from a longer lower return stretch. Two small drops take you to the largest drop. This spot is popular with playboaters and to avoid collisions paddlers coming down the course are expected to eddy left behind a red mid water wall and wait for the drop to be clear before shooting it. There is a “give way” road sign lashed to a post to make the point. The drop is at the bottom of a nice V shaped chute so difficult to muck up and a good introduction for anyone who hasn’t shot a drop before.

The return half of the course is flatter but equally interesting due to it narrowness, and with features grouped fairly close together it gives plenty of good practice at making small eddies, breaking out, and ferry gliding. Eddy lines lurking under the flatter water were often the most tricky bits. Overall the course is considerably more restrained than Lea Valley WWC but being narrow and compact it offers plenty of practice on basic moving water skills.