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The Club has access to the St Georges Pool on The Highway near Shadwell station.

Access to the pool

We have exclusive use of the small training pool located behind the Pool's reception area from 19:45 - 20:45 on selected Tuesdays.

Groups of paddlers wishing to learn or practice skills, especially in the colder winter months, can use this area provided they are accompanied by a qualified coach named on the list given to the pool, and no more than 8 in a group. Pool training groups are arranged via the forums.

We generally meet at the basin as normal and then walk to the pool. (Our sessions in the pool start at 19:45, and while we need to get the pool's boats ready we are not in a hurry.)

The club pays for access to the pool on behalf of the club members.

The lockers take a 20p coin.

Note that the pool session start later than basin sessions and we normally get back to the basin rather late.

Pool rules mean we cannot bring our own boats to the venue - we need to use their training boats.

Kit to take

The pool has (six) kayaks that we can use. These are very basic, but are fine if you want to start rolling. No outside boats should be brought into the pool. Given the size of the pool, four boats is a realistic limit - with pairs taking turns to be in a boat.

The pool does have paddles, but you should take a club paddle instead.

Take a club spray deck if you do not have one of your own.

You do not need a buoyancy aid, but one is probably useful when learing to roll in kit.

If you take any equipment into the pool, please make sure that it is clean. Also, please remember to put any club equipment back where you found it.

What to wear

Practicing rescues generally involve some degree of inter-personal contact, so you may feel more comfortable if you adopt a more modest approach to your choice of swimming attire.

The pool boats are basic and do not have posh seats or padding, so a wetsuit will offer some protection from bruises to your legs. Be sure to rinse your wetsuit afterwards as the chemicals in the pool will not do it any good.

Depending on what you plan to do at the pool, you can spend some time "standing around" while you help somebody else practice, so you may want the extra warmth of a long sleeved top.