River Medway 2 star paddle - 26 November 2011

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A bunch of us set out to organise a trip as one of the requirements of the 2 star syllabus using the forum and an online s/sheet to manage kit requirements and progress. We ended up with 3 cars, 10 people going down to the River Medway in Kent. Its a flat water river with a few features to make it a bit more interesting. The plan had two possible exit points depending on how we all felt on the day.

Tonbridge was the entry point, only about an hour’s drive away. The decision was made to get out at the first (closest) exit point filling in the extra time with some skills.

There wasn’t enough water flowing over the first canoe pass (essentially a narrow channel with plastic bristles) so we all had to get out and carry the boats down a small hill. The next canoe pass was open so we all slid down it. The bottom of the pass created a small area of fast(er) flowing water where we could practice the white water technique of Ferry Gliding. Having arrived at the planned exit point we continued on a short distance further to another canoe pass. It turned out that there was some “malfunction” with this pass and something gauged strips of plastic off the underside of most of the boats. We spun around the corner and headed back up the bank to the exit point.

After getting dressed at the side of the road, we headed off to find a pub for some well earned grub before heading back to the basin at about 6.

More photos of the trip

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Location & Planning

River Medway in Kent. Take a look at the website for more details: www.medwaycanoetrail.co.uk. And this PDF for more detail of the trail itself including a MAP http://www.visitrivermedway.co.uk/uploads/MVCPCanoe-A4download-drf01-3.pdf