River Wye, May Bank Holiday (family friendly): 1-3 May 2010

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A family friendly canoe camping trip happened over the May Bank Holiday weekend of 1-3 May. With 5 Kids distributed between 4 boats we had a fun, but exhausting weekend.

We based ourselves in the hamlet of Whitney-on-Wye about ten miles down river from the start of the main touring section of the Wye at Glasbury. Whitney-on-Wye has a small camp site with shower and toilet block and a B&B both next to the Boat Inn (river access via the beer garden).

Day One: Whitney-on-Wye to Bredwardine (9 miles, 3 hours)

On Saturday we paddled from the Boat Inn, hoping to get to the Weir Garden (18 miles). The river was low and a little scrape-y. Highlight of the day was Tom and Emma's after lunch launch - proving that White Water paddlers don't paddle as well after a big snack break. We didn't get as far as the Weir Garden, and as the rain came some of our party hitched a lift back to 'The Boat' from Bredwardine with a local Canoe Hire firm to recover our cars and get home.

Day Two: Glasbury to Whitney-on-Wye (10 miles, 4 hours)

Heavy rain on Saturday night kept the adults awake, even after a good meal and a few pints in the Boat Inn, but it shoved a little more water into the Wye meaning less scraping and more flow. On Sunday morning we put in at Glasbury with the plan to paddle back to the camp site at the Boat Inn. The day went well with lunch and some fun playing at a broken weir. We reached our destination without a hitch.

Wildlife spotting moment: we saw an Oystercatcher, that I was surprised to see so far from the coast, we also saw a few small birds that might have been Common Sandpipers or Dunlins.

Lots of photos were taken:

Dan & Sarah's photos

Luke's photos

Paul's photos

Emma & Tom's photos

Tom and Emma used Black Mountain Canoe Hire http://www.blackmountain.co.uk/water/hire.htm to hire our canoe. Very friendly and helpful and a decent quality canoe.