Rules for Flat Water Trips

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Environment Coached Session Non-coached Session 2019 BC Awards
Flat water

(Canals, lakes, foreign basins, rivers not above grade 1)

1 x L1 : 8 x student

Maximum novices in one group: 12

1 x L1 : 8 x student

Maximum group size: 12

Paddlers with experience can join the group as helpers

Minimum for coaching:

Kayak Coach (SW)

Canoe Coach (SW)

Kayak & Canoe Coach (SW)

Deployed Paddle Sport Instructor with First Aid

Minimum Leader:

PaddleSport Leader

Minimum independent uncoached / unled paddler:


Minimum ratio:

3 x PaddleExplore

2 x Specific Discipline Award

Uncoached/unled group Participation in Club flat water un-coached/unled group requires a mandatory 2*/Explore award and FSRT.

An un-coached/unled group consists of at least 3 x 2*/Explore level paddlers. There is no “buddying” scheme to enable less experienced paddlers in the group. A coordinator should be nominated to ensure the group have all necessary equipment and a paddle plan. A suitable trip should be found for the whole group. If numbers allow, it is acceptable to divide a larger un-coached/unled group into smaller groups of paddlers wishing to paddle different sections/areas. All club flat un-coached/unled group club trips are arranged on the forum and groups are based on the club members who attend that particular trip, and the factors listed above. Any unofficial groups (WhatsApp or otherwise) are used only for private trips.