Rules for Shadwell Basin

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Environment Coached Session Non-coached Session New BCU Awards
Shadwell Basin 1 x L1 : 10 x student

Max novices in one group: 4

No session is guaranteed and the coach or any more senior coach on site can cancel the session if conditions warrant.

If the session is led by an L1 working independently, another L1 or 4* must be on site and contactable during a coached session.

Max novices in one group: 14

2 x 3*


3 X 2*

Minimum for coaching:

Kayak Coach (SW)

Canoe Coach (SW)

Kayak & Canoe Coach (SW)

Deployed Paddle Sport Instructor with FA

PS Instructor can provide Paddle Start and Paddle Discover after being deployed by more experienced coach

Paddle Start

Paddle Discover

Paddle Explore

Peer paddling:

3 x Paddle Explore

2 x Specific Discipline Award