Sea Kayak East Coast - 29 March 2014

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Twelve of us drove to Felixstowe, Leaving London at 0800 with a plan to depart Felixstowe Ferry at 1100; we sort of managed it. It looked to be a lovely spot for people to be waiting anyway. We crossed the mouth of the Deden giving us some early excitement as the flow met the sea, and then followed the shore to Shingle Street, stopping for first lunch on the steeply slopping beaches.

Paddling a little further we reached the mouth of the Alde where different groups played in the conditions created by the the river outflow, the incoming tide and waves and the shingle banks.

After a second snack stop, we paddled back the way we came, this time with a little more chop and waves. Getting back to the Deden, a short portage saved us a big paddle around and a now calm river to cross back to the Ferry Boat Inn and our take out.