Sea kayaking intro trip 13-14 August 2011

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Photos from Stephen

Trip report haiku
kayaking for tarts
the green barges
swim faster

Trip report in the style of William McGonagall
Twas a cloudy Sabbath day in August,
You should have come along and saw us!
On the rising tide up the River Thames,
Under the bridges and around the bends,
With Ailien in charge of all
We really had a paddling ball.

The tourists on the bridges did wave
At the novice paddlers so brave
And shoot with cameras at the little kayaks
That did shoot so nobly there and back,
Till the Portuguese Bakery we did sight
And stopped off just to eat a bite.

After the turning of the tide
We’d all eaten all the pastries they could provide,
And soon at Shadwell we all arriv’d
The wake and waves we had all surviv’d.
With only two little capsizes into the drink
That brought the Police over but no-one did sink!