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Setup of the MediaWiki software on the THCC web site.

MediaWiki Installation

Version 1.14.0

Added favicon.ico and thcc.gif from old web site

Set $wgLogo = "";

MediaWiki config changes

Allow tidy URL like rather than long and messy ones like

Change home page to be rather than Set Main Page to transclude Home page.

Alter left side menu to reflect our needs rather than defaults.

Enable file uploads.

Disable page editing for unauthenticated users.

Protect Project namespace.$wgNamespaceProtection

Define Namespace alias for THCCwiki as Club

Added thcc skin - cloned from monobook.

Set thcc skin as default and altered thcc skin...
DT not bold
removed page background image
added overall background colour = #CADCEB
added small page margins

Allowed images by transclusion from this site or live THCC web site

MediaWiki extensions

Link user accounts to phpBB

Core MediaWiki

Extra markup

Problems and bugs

Known bugs