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The Treasurer takes care of the Club finances and implements any financial policies which the Club has set out. They are also, with the [Secretary]] and Chair part of the management committee and are responsible for the club.

The Treasurer ensures the following:

  • Assets and liabilities of the Club are properly accounted for
  • In co-ordination with the Secretary, current membership status is correctly recorded by the Club
  • Club members are up to date with any fees due
  • Club members are reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of the Club
  • Club members who are eligible for training support receive their due subsidies
  • Club members who owe money to the Club repay these promptly
  • Implementation of Club financial policies in relation to trips if asked to do so
  • Monitoring of Club expenditure as decided at periodic spending meetings or otherwise

In addition, the Treasurer maintains records of transactions and member dues to allow:

  • Financial records are kept with enough detail to satisfy the needs of the Club
  • Financial records are kept with enough detail to satisfy the needs of SBOAC

The Treasurer also prepares the Annual Financial Statements for the Club's Annual General Meeting.

The Treasurer is usually available after paddling on a Tuesday in the Prospect of Whitby, and is easily identified by his red Chancellor's box. The Treasurer often goes by the name of 'Iron Chancellor'.

An Assistant Treasurer is also appointed to cover when the Treasurer is not available.