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It is important that you wear suitable clothing when you come paddling.

What you wear should not saturate with water when you fall in. Nylon garments such as fleeces and modern sports shirts are much better than cotton. Woolly jumpers are definitely out. If in doubt, wear too much rather than too little - this is a water sport so it is always easy to cool down!

If you do not have gear designed for canoeing we recommend the following:

  • Tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts
    In winter you may want to have two layers.
    A wetsuit would be appropriate as long as it is not too restrictive. Wetsuits designed for surfing or general water sports are usually less restrictive than those designed for scuba diving.
    No jeans.
  • T-shirt, thermal top, sweatshirt, tracksuit top
    In cold conditions, several thin layers are better than one thick layer.
    Avoid cotton - this soaks up water and takes a long time to dry so you would get cold.
  • Pair of old trainers, deck shoes, plimsolls, beach shoes or wetsuit boots (your feet will get wet)
    Shoes without laces are preferable. If you must wear shoes with laces then be sure to keep the laces short to avoid them snagging on the foot pegs in the kayaks.
    No bare feet.
    No flip flops or wellington boots.
  • Hat
    In winter, you may want to wear a warm hat of some sort.
    Best not to bring your favourite one.
  • 20p piece
    Lockers are available - these take a 20p piece (and do not give it back).
  • If you wear glasses
    You will need something to keep them secure - like a strap or elasticated band.
    Sports shops generally sell various bands and cords.
  • Towel
    Hot showers are available.
  • Bag
    You will have wet clothing to take home, so be sure to bring a suitable bag.
    If the bag is not waterproof, then a bin liner or rubbish sack can be useful.

The club will provide

  • Boat
  • Paddle
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Cag (a thin splashproof and windproof top)
  • Spray deck (after suitable training)

The club does not provide

  • Wetsuits
  • Shoes or wetsuit boots