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Now you have completed the Course for beginners. What next?

  • Shortly after completing your induction, you will be sent a BC Discover Award certificate via email. The certification fee is already included in the price of the induction.
  • Attend the Transition session immediately after the Induction program. During the session you will consolidate your skills, complete a spraydeck test (another chance to get wet!) and go over the final details of what it’s like to be a member.
  • After completing the Transition, you will be able to convert your temporary membership to a long-term one. Please see details on how to do this on our Membership page.

Once you pay your membership fee and link your BC profile to THCC, you become one of our full-time Club members. As with the course, paddling happens on Tuesday evenings, so come along, write your name on the whiteboard and join one of the activities. Please note that some Club activities may have certain prerequisites, so don’t hesitate to ask one of the leaders or coaches if not sure.

Most Tuesday there will be volunteer coaches providing training on all the skills needed for the Explore award. This means that there may be a group working on white water or sea kayaking skills or a group practising safety and rescue techniques. You can also join a polo game, which takes place almost every Tuesday.

It is also worth mentioning that the club works on a slightly more informal basis now that you have finished the course. The focus moves away from a formal structured course and on to more paddler-led development. This means that there will be coaching most weeks, but it will be up to you to decide which skills you want to work on and to ask whoever is taking the group to make sure they are included in the coaching that evening. Once you reach the required standard for the Explore award your coach will be able to arrange for a certificate through British Canoeing.