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General guidelines on page names.

  • Avoid page names like "Trip to Wales". Instead, make the page name quite specific - something like "Open boating trip to Llangollen on 11 July 2009".
  • Page names can be quite long - up to 255 characters - so they need not be abreviated.
  • Page names may includes spaces. These will generate URLs with underscores, but the spaces will be displayed.
  • Page names may include dashes to indicate a structure. This may be better: "Open boating trip to Llangollen - 11 July 2009"
  • Page names connot include any of the following characters: # < > [ ] | { }
  • It is best to avoid colons in page names. Colons are used to indicate wiki namespaces.
  • It is best to avoid % + and ? in page names. They are allowed, but do cause problems in specific cases.


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