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General guidelines on page structure.

  • Top
    • Start the page with a one sentence statement of what the page is - highlighting the main term if it is the same as the page name.
    • For a large page - introduce the page with a simple overview
    • If the page is one of a set - provide a link to the more general page.
  • Body
    • Include links to other wiki pages.
    • Add a link on the first reference, but not the rest.
    • Do not overload the main text with links which leave the wiki.
  • Tail
    • Add any links at the end of the page with the heading More (with 2 = signs).
    • Have links within the wiki first, then any links to web sites elsewhere.
    • External links should probably be left raw (without square brackets), but can be followed with some explanatory text.
    • The links should be a bulleted list (lines start with a *, without any blank lines between).


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