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General guidelines about user pages.

It is common for people to create their own page in the "User" space. When you are logged in to the wiki, the personal menu at the top of the page starts with a link to your own "user" page. The page of Special:RecentChanges also includes links to the user page of whoever made the changes.

Your user page is whatever you want it to be, but own "main" page and include on it (or a sub-page) any links you want: to the pages you visit frequently or to the pages that you plan to edit.

For example: My user page is User:Ianh.

My user page gives other users an idea of who I am and what I do. It also gives me a quick way to find the pages that I visit frequently or plan to work on. It is also handy to create sub-pages for pages that are experimental or not yet tidy enough to be added to the main area.

While everyone is encouraged to edit any of the main wiki pages, convention says that it is not polite to edit the user pages belonging to somebody else.


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