What to do with the pass slips

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You completed the Course for beginners or your 2 star assessment and were given a pass slip. What do you do with it?

The pass slip is an A5 form called "BCU Performance Awards : Star Tests" and the same form is used for both the 1 star and the 2 star tests.

The pass slip will have been signed by the coach who conducted the test and is your proof that you passed the assessment.

If you hated it all and don't plan to paddle any more, then that is the end of it.

If you do want to continue, then you have 3 months to send off the pass slip to get the real certificate. Make sure that you fill in your name and address - the certificate comes back in a window envelope with the pass slip showing your address. Send the pass slip, with a fee of £5.00, to:

 Canoe England, 18 Market Place, Bingham, Nottingham, NG13 8AP

The certificate is more than a warm happy feeling. It is sometimes handy when you want to hire canoes or kayaks and are asked for proof that you have some experience and training.