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|Lars Hagenbuch
|Lars Hagenbuch
|Luke Smallman
|Luke Smallman

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The club is run "by the members for the members" on a voluntary, non-commercial, non-profit making basis. All club members pay membership fees. The club receives no grants, sponsorship or charitable donations.

Club funds are used to pay for use of Shadwell Basin facilities, the swimming pool, purchasing club equipment and for hosting of the website. Any organised trips are paid for by the trip’s participants. Our committee members, instructors, web administrator and other volunteers give their time on a strictly voluntary basis and receive no remuneration or compensation other than assistance towards the cost of coaching qualifications.

We ask that all our members help with the running of the club by: taking the time to read club notices on the website, posting useful information themselves, organising trips, taking a turn as the Duty Officer to welcome beginners and show them where to find kit etc. and assisting our instructors with training groups.

We welcome any members who want to get more involved in the running of the club or make suggestions. Members wishing to do so should speak to a committee member or the relevant rep.

The committee:       
Chairman Julien Grouteau
Treasurer Lars Hagenbuch
Secretary Luke Smallman
Equipment Officer Paul Yates
Training Officer Johnny McDowell
Other officals:
White water kayaking Reps Emma Thomas and Paul Carter
Sea kayaking Reps Nick Jacobs and Ailien Rhijnsburger
Open canoeing Rep Dimitris Efstathopoulos
Slalom Rep Julien Grouteau
Polo Rep David Buglar
Surf Rep Helen Isaac
Social Rep Polly Stevenson
Assistant Treasurer Susie McCafferty
SBOAC reps Ailien Rhijnsburger and Sean Foo
Webmaster Ian Higgs