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Editing an existing Wiki page

You must be a THCC club member and be logged in to edit a page in the wiki.

To edit any page just click on the edit tab at the top of the page. This produces a edit box showing the existing content. After you have changed the text, add a reason why you did it in the Summary box and press the Show Preview button to check your edits. If you are happy with the result then press the Save Page button. If not, adjust the text and try the Show Preview button again.

Creating a new Wiki page

You must be a THCC club member and be logged in to create a new a page in the wiki.

To create a new page type the page name into the search box and press the Page button. This will take you to that page if it already exists or offer you the chance to create it. Follow the link in: 'To create a new page with this title click here'. You will then be given an edit box in the same way as for an existing page.

There are some basic guidelines covering your choice of page names.


The wiki uses some simple formatting rules to give you control over the layout of your page.

There are also some guidelines to encourage a common style.

Guidelines Bullet.gif Page names Bullet.gif Page structure Bullet.gif User pages Bullet.gif Sub pages Bullet.gif


Editing Bullet.gif Markup Bullet.gif Links Bullet.gif Images Bullet.gif Tables Bullet.gif Templates Bullet.gif TOC Bullet.gif

If you get really stuck, please contact a Wiki administrator.