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Some guidance on writing trip reports.

Remember that trip reports will be treated as reference material by people organising future trips.

Please include information such as:

  • Some overview of the location and the grade of paddling involved.
  • Who went (people may want more details).
  • If you hired kit, details of who from and what they have available.
  • Where the trip started, where it finished and about how far it was. Map references and/or links to other guides are welcome.
  • How long the trip took.
  • Any hazards that people should be aware of.
  • Any facilities on (or near) the route. (Paddlers do like to know where is the nearest pub or tea room.)
  • If the trip was more than one day, details of where you stayed.

Some photos are welcome. Maybe one or two photos inside the page and links to the photo collections at the end.

It is also worthwhile including any comments about lessons learned or thoughts on how you might do it differently if you went again.

Please add a link to the trip report into the home page - keeping them in date order.


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